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In addition to the development and manufacturing of electronic products for the industry, we invest in the development of innovative projects. Also currently our technology, which is developed under the leadership of the German Aerospace Center DLR, is in use on the ISS:

Figure above:As part of the project "Circadian Rythms" the German astronaut Alexander Gerst performs experiments on the heat distribution within the body under conditions of weightlessness. At this he uses the by us developed hardware ‘ThermoLab’, which is successfully in use at the International Space Station ISS since several years ... more

Whether it's in measurement and control engineering for water processing, in electronics, and in controller engineering, we plan, develop and manufacture advanced products - individually, efficiently, and customized entirely to meet the requirements of our clients.

Shaping the future - central point human and environment!

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ISS project links:

Twitter-Logo Alexander Gerst on twitter.com
DLR-Logo DLR - Institute of Aerospace Medicine
- Department: Aviation and Space Psychology -
Berlin Centre for Space Medicine ZWMB
with new Functions

In its current version our approved Voltage-Frequency Guard SFW-7 features new protective functions according to DIN VDE V 0126 and VDE-AR-N-4105. Additionally the monitoring of rate of change of frequency ( ROCOF - Δf to Δt ) is
implemented.   ... more
 ThermoLab - TL-08 Mission in Space
The TL-08 was developed to detect the physical and mental condition of highly stressed persons. Already since 2009 the device on the ISS is in use.
 Koralewski - Hardware for the "Mars 500" Spaceflight Simulation
Healthlab - an innovative acid test system - Koralewski is developing and producing the complex hardware components for this aerospace stress measurement laboratory.
 New Heat Pump Drive System
An - in its energy efficiency new - wind power using heat pump system is presented by PSW-Energiesysteme. In comparison to electrically driven heat pumps, this wind-driven heat pump will reduce energy loss significantly.    ... more