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SMRG-4 Alarm Relay and SME-12 Expansion Module

The SMRG-4 Alarm Relay is a collective alarm component for switching equipment. It is equipped with 4 independent alarm inputs, one phase-assigned switching output for indicator light, as well as one neutral changeover contact for outputting collective alarms to a control room or for an acoustic alarm. Using the SME-12 expansion module increases the number of alarm inputs by 12. Up to 4 SME-12 expansion modules can be connected to an SMRG-4 base component over a 4-pin bus, making a total of 52 alarm inputs available.


pdf datasheet (english)

pdf description (english)

pdf datasheet (german)

pdf description (german)

Technical Data

Operating voltage
230V AC +/- 10%
optionally: 24 V DC

Power consumption
approx. 4 VA

Alarm inputs
230V AC / 50Hz / 0.2mA
optionally 24 V DC
generating of new fault value
as per DIN 19235

Input detection
from 170 V AC

Time delay
approx. 1 second at 230 V

Relay outputs
230 V AC / 50 Hz / 2A

Ambient temperature
-20 ... +55 °C

W / H / D : 55 x 75 x 110 mm
(35 mm standard rail)
with terminals: height: 86 mm

Ordering information:
SMRG-4 / 230 V AC: E1049
SME-12 / 230 V AC: E1047

SMRG-4 / 24 V DC: E1048
SME-12 / 24 V DC: E1043