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FS-201 Filter Control

The FS-201 Filter Control regulates a single or double filter unit with pilot distributors or central control valves. The valve types are selected via configuration and the FS-201 adapts automatically to the selected valve type during the course of operation. Both decarbonisation filters and gravel-packed filters can be regulated. Detailed settings, such as for example the entry of an individual text for the stepping-times, can be done with the additional deliverable parameterisation software.


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pdf description (english)

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pdf description (german)

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Technical Data

Operating voltage
230 V, 50 Hz

Fuse protection
4 A T (alternatively: 4 A mT)

Power consumption
approx. 10 VA

Option 24 V Version (24 V AC valve voltage supply)
max. 20 VA, fuse protection 1 A T

Data retention on power failure
for operating data approx. 72 hours
configuration and parameter data are
safely archived in EEPROM.

2 phase-assigned changeover contacts (230 V AC)
2 phase-assigned normally open cont. (230 V AC)
3 neutral changeover contacts
1 neutral normally open contact
max. contact load: 230 V AC / 2 A
24 V AC / 22 VA for valve control (optionally)

Relay contact data
230 V, 50 Hz, 8 A

6 inputs via optocoupler
contact load: 10 V DC, approx. 8 mA

Ambient temperature
-20 ... +55 °C

DIN plastic housing for wall mounting
- IP54 / IP64 (optionally)

W / H / D   :   212 x 184 x 94 mm

Ordering information:
FS-201 - 230 V AC : E1330
FS-201 - 230 V AC / 24 V AC : E1332