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DSR-6.2 Current Differential Relay

The DSR-6.2 Current Differential Relay is a micro-controller actuated measuring device for protecting three-phase, synchronous, and asynchronous motors or three-phase generators. It captures differential currents and triggers a shutdown when the preset limit values are reached.An advance warning can be issued using a second relay contact. In order to avoid false activations, e.g. when starting large electrical drives, the triggering can be suspended for an adjustable period of time.The system can reset itself after triggering or advance warning either automatically after an adjustable time period, or via external signal at an input. Expansion options include 2 recorder outputs (1 x 0 ... 10V and 1 x 0(4) ... 20mA). Upgrades for printout of trigger values and settings are available on request. The DSR-6.2 is available in 5A or 1A variants. Display language options are German or English.

Technical Data

Auxiliary voltage
24V DC ( 18 .. 36 V )

Power consumption
5 W at 24 V DC

Digital inputs
12 V, 5 mA (optically decoupled),
lines no longer than 3 m

Relay outputs
2 A / 230 V AC (no-potential)

Ambient temperature
-20 ... +55 °C

W / H / D: 150 x 75 x 110 mm
standard rail mount 35 mm

Measurement range
0.4 A to 25 A

< 0.01 Ohm

Error (nominal frequency)
< 0.5% from final value

Overload resistance
3.5* Inom continuous

Measurement inputs
50* Inom 1 ms

Protective class

Ordering information:
DSR-6.2 / 1A Version: E1085
DSR-6.2 / 5 A Version: E1086

pdf data sheet (german)

pdf description (german)

pdf description (english)