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SYN-6.2 Synchronizer

The device provides tracking of a generator's voltage and frequency to the mains, in order to switch it on in addition to the network at minimum difference and the same phase angle. This unit measures voltage and frequency of two AC power networks between 2 phases each. As soon as control over the control input has been released, the SYN-6 generates corresponding offset pulses for the generator voltage and frequency. If both values differ within the preset tolerances to the leading mains, the unit emits a synchronisation pulse. In order to compensate delays of the switching elements, the sync impulse is given prematurely by the lead time, prior to the calculated sync time. The voltages and frequencies are displayed during operation. In addition, LEDs indicate all input and output switching states. This also applies when monitoring the voltage and frequency deviations permissible for synchronisation. All tolerances and nominal values are adjustable via parameters.

Technical Data

Auxiliary voltage
24 V DC
optional: 12 V DC,
100V AC or 230V AC

Power consumption
4 W at 24 V DC,
approx. 5 VA at 230 V AC

Measurement voltage
min. 70 V AC

45 ... 65 Hz

Leading time
10 ... 500 ms

Frequency differential
max. 0.01 ... 0.99 Hz,
min. 0.05 ... 0.50 Hz
Voltage differential
1 ... 15 %

Digital inputs
12 V, 8 mA

Relay outputs
2 A / 230 V AC

Protective class

Ambient temperature
-20 ... +55° C

W / H / D : 100 x 75 x 110 mm
Accessories: switching panel installation frame

Ordering information:
SYN-6.2 / 12V DC Version: E1835
SYN-6.2 / 24V DC Version: E1846
SYN-6.2 / 100V AC Version: E1347
SYN-6.2 / 230V AC Version: E1847

pdf data sheet (german)

pdf description (german)

pdf description (english)