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Devicemanagement 2

GV 2 - Devicemanagement 2 is the software for monitoring and steering of Koralewski Industrie - Elektronik oHG products. It contains all necessary tools, to carry out the relevant settings at the device, that is in your use. . The in the device existing data can be read out and - as well as the currently made settings of the device management 2 - be stored in project based device-specific configuration files, using the database, which is integrated in GV 2 ( for the editing of configuration files, it is not necessary to connect the respective device ). Current changes and saved configurations are transferred to the device by use of the GV 2 software.
The software setup is done from CD or via installation file ( download ).

System requirements

PC - System
IBM-PC compatible computer, optical
drive for installation from CD

Hard disk capacityät
min. 100 MB free HDD memory

Operating system
Windows 2000 or higher

Grafics card / monitor
monitor resolution 1280 x 1024 or higher

Ordering information
GV 2 installation CD watertreatment         : E9900
GV 2 installation CD control-technology   : E9903

KIE parameterisation cable  : KC0034
USB-able (A:B-Mini)                : KC0215
USB-RS232 converter            : GC0005


pdf GV 2 installation file watertreatment pdf Description / manual (english)
pdf GV 2 installation file control-technology pdf Description / manual (german)