HealthLab HFUM-80

HealthLab TcoreTM Radio Master HFUM-80

As part of measurements with the HealthLab psychophysiological monitoring system, the radio master HFUM-80 receives the measurement data of a TcoreTM * temperature sensor, e.g. HealthLab TTC-05, recorded and stored in the non-volatile memory. At the same time, the heart rate and the beat-to-beat interval can be monitored using a heart rate monitor coupled via Bluetooth LE, e.g. POLAR H10. Basically, the HFUM-80 is configured and operated from a host computer (Windows 10 or higher) serving as an evaluation and control device via USB 2.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 using the program Heally Control or HL5Caliber. The Tcore DFG program provides a greatly simplified user interface for reading out and deleting collected data, and charging the devices accumulator from the up to four HFUM-80 connected at the same time. A USB interface is available for quick reading of the stored data and simultaneous charging of the permanently installed lithium battery. Due to its small size and minimal power consumption, the HFUM-80 offers a significant increase in the mobility and measurement duration of the HealthLab monitoring system.

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Designation HealthLab Radio Master HFUM-80 (Bluetooth Radio Module)
Power Supply 1 x 3V7 / 500 mAh lithium battery permanently installed,
Running time 170 h (temperature measurement)
Data Collection

Measurement data TcoreTM temperature sensor: Measuring range: -1... +50 ° CMeasurement accuracy: +/-0.1K Heart rate (HR) using H10 HR sensor (BLE) Beat-to-beat interval

Storage Flash memory 8 MB Recording time approx. 120 h at 1sps (temperature and heart rate)
Digital Interfaces Bluetooth 4.0 LE Radio range: approx. 5 mMicro-USB 2.0
Climatic Conditions according to DIN EN 60204-1 (10-2014)
Ambient Temperature operation: -20 … +55 °C
transport / storage: -25 … +60 °C
Humidity / Altitude 20 … 90 % RH ( without condensation )
up to 8.000 m
Dimensions W / H / D: 33 x 51 x 8,5 mm
Weight : approx. 18 g
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