DMZ-8E Flow Volume Counter

DMZ-8E Flow Volume Counter

The DMZ-8E Flow Volume Counter is used for dosing or filling preset fluid volumes with two limiting values.

This unit also captures the flow rate and can therefore be used as an adjustable flow monitor. A freely configurable current output can be assigned either to the volume or to the speed. Commercially available a flow sensors, which emit pulses proportional to the volume, are used as signal generators.
These could be contact-equipped water meters or impeller wheel recorders, for example.

Multiple configuration and setting options enable the user to adjust the unit precisely to the given application.

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Technical Data

Power supply 230 V AC +5%/-10%, 50 Hz
Power consumption
approx. 15 VA
Fuse protection 4 A mT
Inputs 10 V DC,
I approx. 9 mA
contact resistance: max. 1.5 kOhm
Relay outputs 5 x neutral, max. 230 V AC, 2 A
Current output 0(4)...20 mA, max. load 400 Ohm
linearity: 0.5% FS
Transmitter water meter with neutral contact
or NPN open collector or vane-type sensor with NPN open collector
Transmitter factor 0.01 ... 9999 pulses / liter
max. transmitter frequency 500 Hz (adjustable)
programmable contact de-bouncing
via maximum sender frequency
Climatic Conditions acc. to DIN EN 60204-1 ( 05-2010 )
Ambient Temperature operation:              -20 ... +55 °C
transport/storage:  -25 ... +55 °C
Housing control panel housing per DIN 43700
with transparent cover up to IP65 in front
of the control panel
Dimensions W / H / D : 144 x 72 x 116.6 mm
Framing dimensions W / H : 137 x 67 mm
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Ordering information DMZ-8E: E1720