UP-25 Undervoltage Buffer

UP-25 Undervoltage Buffer

The UP-25 provides a short-term power supply of DC-powered devices, which are sensitive to voltage drop, such as control units or CPUs of memory-programmable controllers. It bridges voltage dips (no power failure) that occur, e.g., when starting diesel-aggregates, and provides the needed supply voltage to the connected controllers for the bridging period.

Contrary to traditional battery solutions, the UP-25 is completely maintenance-free. The UP-25 is available in 12 V DC and 24 V DC versions. A version with adjustable output voltage (18 to 26 V) is available on customer request.

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Technical data

Normal operation 24 ... 34 V DC (24 V version)
12 ... 18 V DC (12 V version)

Output current
Max. 2A (S1)
Buffer operation 10 ... 24 V DC (24 V version)
7 ... 12 V DC (12 V version)
Output power max. 40 W (S6) 60 sec. at 24 V
max. 20 W (S6) 60 sec. at 12 V
Power consumption (intrinsic) approx. 1 W
Ambient temperature 20 ... +55 °C
Dimensions W / H / D : 23 x 75 x 100 mm
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Accessories: UKP-01: E1204
Ordering information UP-25 / 12V DC - Vers.: E1317
UP-25 / 24V DC - Vers.: E1316